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The states we sell to are ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA.
Printsmart supply quality a Brochure holder to Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Gold Coast,

Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide , Darwin.


The PrintSmart holcer is premium product, making them durable when being moved from shopping centres, trade shows and exhibitions. To find out more call printsmart today on 07 3801 4000


The Durable Brochure Holder, by Printsmart



The Printsmart Brochure Holder, great for displaying marketing flyers or brochures


With the amount of time and money that goes into designing marketing flyers, promotional brochures or pamphlets, you want to be able to display your marketing collateral in the best possible way.


Introducing the brochure holder range from Printsmart.


Premium design and finish our brochure holders are highly durable and extremely portable.


The Printsmart brochure holder range will display your marketing flyers in a highly visible and professional manner.


The Printsmart brochure holder is great value due to the long life and high durability. This means you will get the most out of your brochure holder time and time again.


Each Printsmart brochure holder is extremely simple to erect, with a set up time of just a minute or two, making your next tradeshow or exhibition set up so much easier.

Often the brochure holder is taken as carry on luggage with people flying, thus making it an extremely portable solution.


Each brochure holder is also complemented with their own sturdy carry bag.


Brochure Holder Features:

  • A4 size pockets
  • 3 Sizes and styles of brochure holder available
  • Black fabric brochure holder has 4 pockets or 8 pockets
  • Perspex brochure holder has 3 or 4 Tiers.
  • Z Style brochure holder comes as an A4 or A3 version.

What makes the Printsmart Brochure Holder such great value?

Along with many of the other display systems that Printsmart offers, the brochure holder can help to enhance or add value to the look of your business.
The brochure holder is durable, versatile, cost effective and has a sense of professionalism that promotes your company’s product information effectively.
Allowing prospective clients to take promotional material from the brochure holder as they please allows your staff to concentrate on making sales in other areas at a trade show, exhibition or conference.


Why choose the PrintSmart brochure holder?

Each Printsmart brochure holder is great value for money. Being portable, versatile and highly durable they are finished off with a professional look which will add to the overall perception of your presentation.


Along with set up time being around a minute, you can be displaying your promotional brochures in no time.
Contact us today to discuss your brochure holder and display systems needs or to get a quote from one of our knowledgeable staff.

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durable brochure

Chrome and Perspex Brochure Holder


Top of the range Brochure holder.


Premium quality and impressive presentation. A4 2 Sides 3 Tier and 4 Tier

durable brochure z brochure stand

The Z Style Premium Brochure Holder


A3 Size.


Premium Z syle brochure holder is a high quality built, top line brochure stand.


The brochure holder comes with its own special aluminium carry case.


A3 Size Only.

durable brochure Stand

A4 Fabric and Metal Brochure Holder


Light weight and compact brochure holder.


Ideal for travelling to exhibitions as this brochure holder.


Packs away to a small carry bag.


8 Pocket A4 Stands

To See the Video of this Display Setup of the Brochure Holders, Click the play button below.

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Articles, Descriptions and Product Information for the printsmart brochure holder.



Common Uses for the printsmart brochure holder.


  1. Using a brochure holder in trade shows:

    With trade shows and exhibitions being so highly trafficked you want a brochure holder that can display your promotional brochures easily without problems. The printsmart brochure holder is not only durable and highly sturdy, it looks professional and is also functional, perfect for your next trade show.

  3. Using a brochure holder in your next exhibition booth.
  4. Getting the upper hand on other companies is your number one aim at a trade show or exhibition. Doing everything you can to draw prospective clients to your display booth is the main priority. By using a stylish and functional brochure holder you can rest assure that your material is being displayed in the best possible manner, and with the customer being able to take the material as they please from the brochure holder, they wont feel that they are having a sale forced upon them by the salesman.


  5. Outdoor brochure holder:


With not all trade shows being inside, you may have to have a brochure holder that can stand up the the challenge that the sun and wind may present. By choosing a printsmart brochure holder, you can be rest assured that your promotional material will do its job at the next outdoor trade or exhibition.