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Elite Retractable Banner Stand.

A proffesional looking, portable banner stand.


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The Elite retractable banner stand is ready to present for you in seconds, anywhere at any time. The unique, proffesional design of this banner stand will display your product or service elegantly.


The elite banner stand is beautifully finnished, making it a highly effective marketing tool for your business.


Another great feature of the elite banner stand is how lightweight it is. Making it extremely portable.Transporting your trade show banner stand has never been easier with the Elite banner stand, coming complete with its own carry case, making sure that you get years out of your display system.


You can rest assured that you are presenting your service or business in the best way possible with the Elite banner stand.


Sizes for the Elite Roll up / Pull up Retractable Banners :


  • 840mm wide x 2000mm high Roll up / pull up Banner Elite.
  • 1000mm wide x 2000mm high Roll up / pull up Banner Elite.
  • 1200mm wide x 2000mm high Roll up / pull up Banner Elite.
  • Double sided 840mm wide x 2000mm high Roll up Banner Elite
  • Double sided 980mm wide x 2000mm high Roll up Banner Elite
  • Extra high Roll up / Pull up Banners can also be produced.



Features of the Elite Banner Stand.

  • There are 3 different banner materials available for the banner stand
  • New Hi Resolution, completely smooth premium canvas available.
  • Beautiful laminate finish.
  • Proffesional style and finish.
  • Weighing a total of 6kg, making it extremely portable.
  • Lightweight and portable at just 6kgs. Anyone can carry this system any distance.
  • Single sided or double sided pull up banners available.
  • 5 year guarantee.
  • 3-5 working days for delivery.

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    Articles, Descriptions and Product Information for the Elite Banner Stand.


    Make sure your products draw attention with the new Elite Banner Stand


    In the past, traditional a retractable banner stand was literally just a banner on a stand. Focused on providing the best possible display systems at economical prices, Printsmart brought a stylish, durable banner stand which stands out from the rest.


    The banner of the display is retracted into the elegant base of the banner stand, providing the banner a safe home when being transported between exhibitions or trade shows.


    A new feature of the elite banner stand is the completely flat, hi resolution material that your advertising material is printed upon. The finish on this banner really has to be seen to be believed. The elite banner stand comes in both a Laminate and Matt finish.


    We have provided the Elite banner stand to many clients around Australia with great praise.


    Clients based in Sydney and Brisbane, used the Elite banner stand for outdoor advertising for their store. Due to the completely flat material that their advertising material was printed upon, the banner never warped or wrinkled, even when the wind was harsh. These cleints used the matt finish on the banner stand to reduce glare from the sun, with great praise.


    Previous cleints in Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide used their banner stand indoors at trade shows and exhibitions. They chose the laminate finish because of the fantastic image clarity that this finish provided the banner stand.

    The base of the Elite banner stand is sturdy and durable, meaning your advertising material will do its job indoors and outdoors under almost any circumstances.