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The Complete Exhibit Booths Package

A professionally designed exhibition booth setup will ensure a successful tradeshow or exhibition.

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Truley blow your competitors out of the water with this complete exhibit booth display systems package from Printsmart


The hardest part about getting ready for a trade or exhibition show is trying to choose what display systems to use to get the most out of your exhibit booths.

The team at Printsmart, with years of experience in exhibition and trade shows have put together a winning package that will make your exhibit booths really stand out from the crowd.

exhibit booths package

Attention will be drawn to your exhibit booths and your staff will stand proud to present your product or service.

The costs to get exhibit booths set up professionaly can be immense, so you will be able to rest easy knowing that you are going to get real ROI.

The Complete Exhibit Booth setup offers fantastic savings, the display systems included are as follows:

Straight or curved large format pop up display banner.
The wow factor. Visually stunning graphics printed at
incredible resolution on a specially created fabric banner.
One seamless continuous print, not a multitude of different panels, produces an effect that stops people in their tracks. Isn't that what its all about?

Transport Counter Display Banner.
Excellent for shopping centre displays, trade shows and exhibitions. Great way to promote your company.

Elite Roll up display banner stand.
The Elite Roll up Display Stands exude class. Always ready to present for you at a moments notice, anytime, anywhere. The Elite Roll up Display System shows that your product or service is of high value.

Chrome and Perspex Brochure Stand.
Top of the range Brochure stands and literature holders. Portable, premium quality and impressive presentation.


Prospects and possible cilents will flock to your display setup and your staff will stand confidently knowing that they are presenting your company in the best possible fashion.


The amount of time and money that goes into planning a trade show or exhibition is very intensive.


With printsmart chosing a range of display systems that all complement each other in one way or another, half the stress is gone, and with years of experience in the industry, your team can rest easy.


This complete exhibition set up offers incredible value, buying all these display systems together in one package will save your company alot of money, not to meantion time.


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