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High quality Fabric Banner Prints at excellent prices:

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Printsmart Graphics specialise in producing Hi Resolution well finished fabric banner prints.

Whether you are looking to hang fabric banners from the ceiling or walls for a tradeshow, conference or exhibition, we have a solution for you.


You may be looking to visually enhance the look of your exhibition by "themeing " the booth walls or create a powerful graphic backdrop for a conference. Printsmart are very experienced at producing and finishing fabric banners that will really stand out.

All our fabric banners are printed at very high resolution to produce rich vibrant images. Our special display 160 lotus fabric is also fireresistant.


There are a range of fixing options available for the fabric prints. One common option is to sew Velcro hook into the back edges of the banners so that you are able to simply push the fabric banner prints against the velcro compatible walls and in a matter of minutes you have created a visually effective display that is showcasing your products and services.


Another option is to sew loop pockets into the top and bottom of the banners so you can hang them with rods from the ceiling or any wall . As fabric is so easier to work with than vinyl there is more finishing options available to you.


The cost of these "wow factor ", high resolution Fabric Banners is very economical. Digital and dye sublimation printing has made the process affordable. Rather than spend a small fortune on elaborate exhibition display stands you can create tremendous visual impact by covering your exhibition or conference walls in quality graphics.


The fabric banner prints are light weight and crease and wrinkle resistant. If you are travelling overseas or interstate you will be able to just pack them in your luggage, saving a significant amount of money on air or road freight. There is also the peace of mind that you have your displays with you when you get to the exhibition or conference.


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For delivery information , artwork , design and freight costs for Fabric Banner Prints in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne , Adelaide , Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast, Newcastle , please email us or phone on 1300 556 589


Dye sublimation printing of Fabric banners produces excellent image reproduction :

One of the main changes to printing on fabric has come about with the development of

dye sublimation printing.


This printing process is similar to heat transfer of images. The level of detail of images and sharpness of text at economic prices has made the printing
of fabric banners a very viable option to vinyl printing. Photos and logos can be reproduced at high DPI to produce visually stunning banners.


Fabric Banner Printing Prices :

Prices for fabric banner printing is usually based on a rate per square metre . Unlike offset printing where economy of scale has a significant influence on the price , digital or dye sublimation printing on fabric is slower and the material costs quite high. At the same time , as technology has improved and ink consumables come down in price, the economics of fabric printing have improved substantially. Contact our office on 1300 556 589 to get a current price.


Types of finishes available for Printed fabric banners :

The beauty of using fabric for hanging or wall banners is the variety of ways you can finish and fix the banners. For fixing to a wall you can have velcro sewn to the back to press against velcro compatible walls, loop pockets sewn at the top and bottom for hanging rods to be slid into, or eyelets attached for tying ropes to to hang the banner. Edges cab be hemmed , hot knife trimmed or double folded for extra strength. There are many options available that are difficult to use with vinyl that make using fabric a better choice.