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PrintSmart Displays specialise in Cheap Tear Drop Banners and supply to clients Australia Wide.


If you are looking for the following : Cheap Tear Drop Banners in Queensland Cheap Tear Drop Banners in Victoria Cheap Tear Drop Banners in NSW Cheap Tear Drop Banners in South Australia Cheap Tear Drop Banners in Western Australia

Cheap Tear Drop Banners in Northern Australia

Cheap Tear Drop Banners in Tasmania


Printsmart can supply high quality , well designed Advertising Flags at excellent prices. To find out more call printsmart today on 1300 556589

Feather Flags

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If you need a high quality, well designed, versatile Feather Flags to entice clients into your business, then call Printsmart Today for excellent prices!

The Feather Flaga are a popular choice for many businesses, which is height and flexibility is it the ideal Flag to promote any business or branding.


Printsmart's Feather Flags are True Double Sided Printing, printed on Durable Stormcloth Flag Material with a blockout liner to eliminate see through.


They can be used both indoors and outdoors for any type of function or simply to attract people and buyers into your business. With the choices of bases there is one for every need.


With a sleek stylish design of the Feather Flags are a perfect way to present your logo, details or photos so they stand out to grab attention.


Printsmart Gets Results! Here's what our clients have to say.


"The team at PrintSmart Graphics were absolutely fantastic to work with. They designed a great banner display series for us and gave exceptional value for money and professional service. The process from start to finish could not have been easier and I can whole hartedly recommend them."


- Michael Brierly Executive Director, Queensland Olympic Council



Feather Flags Features:


  • True Double Sided Printing
  • Lightweight
  • Wind Rotation
  • Impressive design
  • Ease of installation
  • Convenience of Replaceable Graphics.
  • Delivered Australia Wide
    (Turn Around is 10-12 Working Days)


Printsmart Feather Flags Sizes:


feather flags1 tear drop banner sizes

  • Large 4m Height - Ad Space 3.5 x 0.68m
  • Medium 3.4m Height - Ad Space 2.5 x 0.68m
  • Small 2.5m Height - Ad Space 2 x 0.68m


Call Printsmart Displays Today to discuss your Feather Flag needs on 1300 556 589

Feather Flags Brisbane

You will see throughout Brisbane that many real estate offices use the Feather Flags for their open houses and auctions to attract the buyers. They display branding logos clearly and promote a professional image of any real estate.


Feather Flags Sydney

With the sleek look of the Feather Flags they are a popular choice for many designers displaying at trade shows in the Sydney area. They are purchased for many reasons, some for outdoor sporting events and also for open days at universities and colleges.


Feather Flags Melbourne

The Feather Flags are a must have for many types of businesses in Melbourne. To ensure your brand stands out and you promote your business inside and out, the Feather Flags do both these and more.

Feather Flags Adelaide

Many of the schools in the locals areas surrounding Adelaide purchase their Feather Flags for open days and sporting events, they are a popular choice and idea for many of their occasions and helps give the school a great image.

Feather Flags Gold Coast

For nearly every business on the Gold Coast they have some type of outdoor signage to promote the large number of traffic that drives through there every day. Feather flags are becoming more and more popular as they are ideal to bring in of a night time and prevent any way of being vandalised.

Feather Flags Perth

Some of the mining industries in Perth are using Printsmart's Feather Flags to help entice people to join their staff, with brilliant branding a stand out design there enough to grab the attention of people wanting a change of lifestyle.