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PrintSmart Displays specialise in Cheap Tear Drop Signs and supply to clients Australia Wide.


If you are looking for the following : Tear Drop Signs in Queensland Tear Drop Signs in Victoria Tear Drop Signs in NSW Tear Drop Signs in South Australia Tear Drop Signs in Western Australia

Tear Drop Signs in Northern Australia

Tear Drop Signs in Tasmania


Printsmart can supply high quality , well designed Advertising Flags at excellent prices. To find out more call printsmart today on 1300 556589

Tear Drop Signs

Tear Drop Signs

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Looking for a great option for your indoor and outdoor events? The Tear Drop Signs are the most innovative designed sign available to suit your every need.

Tear Drop Signs (also known as the Tear Drop Banner or Flags) are the number one choice for any outdoor event or signage to promote your company. They can be used indoor also for many of your advertising needs.

The ease of the erecting the Tear Drop Signs are an added advantage, once the poles are connected, just slide the sign over the poles and then you have the well designed, attractive sign to attract clients to your door.

“Printsmart offer Tear Drop Signs printed either double sided with a block out sheet sewn into the middle so your image and logo can be clearly seen from any direction without see-through, or flags done as print through with the mirror reverse being seen on the other side.”

Our Tear Drop Signs are printed using uv resistant inks on outdoor storm flag material. The print is very high resolution using the durable dye sublimation process.

Our Flag Poles and Bases are high quality and come with a 3 year warranty.

The uses for the Tear Drop Signs are endless, some of the examples include Charity Events, Product Promotion, Media Events, Shop Openings, Beach & Sporting Events, House Builders, Car Yards, General Signage and many many more.

Tear Drop Signs Features:


  • True Double Sided Printing using uv resistant inks.
  • Lightweight but ultra sturdy poles and base.
  • Wind Rotation creates movement and grabs attention.
  • Impressive designs mean higher brand recognition.
  • Ease of installation
  • Convenience of Replaceable Graphics.
  • Delivered Australia Wide
  • (Print production is usually around 10-12 Working Days)


Tear Drop Signs Sizes:


  • Large Tear Drop Signs : 4m Height - Ad Space 3 x 1m
  • Medium Tear Drop Signs : 3.4m Height - Ad Space 2.4 x 1m
  • Small Tear Drop Signs : 2.5m Height - Ad Space 1.8 x 0.9m


Call Printsmart Displays Today to discuss your Tear Drop Sign needs on 1300 556 589


Tear Drop Signs Brisbane


When you drive around the streets of Brisbane, Tear Drop Signs are becoming a more and more common way to promote any business, it's a great street frontage way to bring in walk by clients.


Tear Drop Signs Sydney


Many of our large corporations with head offices located in the heart of Sydney utilise the Tear Drop Signs for many of their fundraising events and tradeshows, as they are a quick and easy display to erect.


Tear Drop Signs Melbourne


The Tear Drop Signs are a popular choice for a lot of our Real Estate clients located in Melbourne, as they can handle weather a lot better than many other display options that attract the attention of their prospects.


Tear Drop Signs Adelaide


Australian Kitchen Industries are one of the larger kitchen suppliers in Adelaide and they really benefit from using our Tear Drop Signs to bring in drive by traffic into the business. They not only attract people but also give the location a professional look.


Tear Drop Signs Gold Coast


Printsmart supply the Tear Drop Signs Australia Wide, however we receive many orders for the Gold Coast Region, being a fast paced area with many car yards and hotels promoting their businesses, the Tear Drop Signs are the ideal display


Tear Drop Signs Perth


The Tear Drop Sign is an ideal outdoor display in Perth to make any Perth business stand out and be recognised for people walking past or driving by. With a sometimes dry climate the Tear Drop Signs can withstand these weather conditions and continue to display your business with style.